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We train the candidates who are excited in doing PHP training in Kharar so that we could appoint them in our own organization or constitution them with other associated companies. We provide PHP industrial training in Kharar to B.Tech,MCA & diploma candidates as well as providing one year course for website designing and development. 
As there are numerous JOB oriented courses feasible in Kharar, but in these days students choose PHP usually, because there are extensive JOB scope in PHP.It is a server side scripting language construct for web development but also used as a generic-purpose programming language. 
Our advance PHP course benefits are we provide in-depth training in PHP, MYSQL and different type of CMS & frameworks like: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Smarty, CakePHP, Zend, CodeIgniter etc.. Our web development team acquire super specialization in developing area.The well-experienced staff which have years of experience in website development, prepare the candidates from beginner level to advance level of website development. 


  • Training from team of professional PHP developers with years of experience,
  • Training on core Live Projects to get practical exposure of programming,
  • Training on various CMS & FrameWork as per your requirement,
  • Small Batches with early morning late evening & weekend batch timing availability,
  • Get FREE personal domain & hosting as have our own dedicates Web servers
  • Dumps available of More than 2000 solved PHP interview question Answers


  1. Introduction to Web Technology
  2. Introduction to HTML
  3. Elements and Tags
  4. Attributes
  5. Elements(Advanced)
  6. Images
  7. Tables (Detailed)
  8. Links (All types)
  9. Video and Audio
  10. Forms
  11. Uploading pages
  12. Web Standards and validation
  13. Tips & Tricks
  • Introduction of CSS & CSS3
  • Way of using CSS (Inline, Internal & External)
  • Working of CSS
  • Identification and Grouping of Selectors (class and id)
  • The Box Model
  • The Box Model – Margin & Padding
  • The Box Model – borders
  • Floating Elements
  • Positioning of Elements
  • Layer on Layer with Z-index
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • Border Radius with CSS3
  • Box Shadow with CSS3
  • Text Shadow with CSS3
  • Transition with CSS3
  • Transform with CSS3
  • Gradient with CSS3
  • Animation with CSS3
  • What is PHP
  • How PHP Better then other language
  • Server / Client Environment
  • Types of Web Browser and Web Server
  • Server side V/s Client side scripting
  • Difference between PHP4.0, PHP5.0 and PHP6.0
  • Introduction to WAMP, XAMP, LAMP, MAMP
  • Installation and Configuration Files
  • How to install PHP on Linux
  • How PHP Script work
  • PHP Syntax and Tags
  • Write your First PHP Program
  • Embed PHP in HTML / HTML in PHP
  • Creating Web Development Environment
  • Comments in PHP
  • Variable in PHP
  • Storing data in Variables
  • Creating Contants
  • Operator in PHP{Math, Increment/Decrement, Bitwise, Execution, String, Ternary}
  • IF Statement
  • If else Statement
  • If elseif else Statement
  • Nested IF Statement
  • Nested IF Statement
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do While Loop
  • For Each Loop
  • Break and Continue statement with loop
  • What is array
  • Syntax of Array
  • Associative Array
  • Numeric Array
  • Multi-Dimensional Array
  • Enumerated Arrays
  • Array Iteration
  • Modify Array (Sorting, Merging, Delete etc.)
  • Array Iteration
  • User define index array
  • Casting array
  • Looping in array (While, Foreach, For)
  • Extract data from array
  • Manipulate Array
  • Looping with index based array
  • Looping with associative array using foreach
  • Array to String and String to Array
  • Creating and accessing string
  • String Position
  • String Replace
  • String Capitalization
  • String Length
  • String Explode
  • String Implode
  • What is function?
  • Why functions are useful
  • Syntax of Function
  • Calling function
  • User Defined Function
  • System Defined Function
  • Parameterized Function
  • Non Parameterize Function
  • Date and Time Function
  • Hash Function
  • Call by value and call by
  • Variable scope
  • Static function
  • File inclusion
  • Include()
  • Require()
  • HTTP Header
  • Passing Argument in function
  • Returning data from function
  • 20. Dynamic parameter in function
  • Opening files Creating and deleting file.
  • Reading, Writing, Closing file
  • Using dynamic Content and JSP and Servlets
  • Appending, Uploading and Truncate file
  • Basic regular expression
  • Matching Patterns
  • Finding matches and Replace match
  • What is object-oriented programming?
  • Advantages of OOP
  • Understanding basic OOP concepts
  • Class and Object
  • Access Modifier
  • Encapsulation and abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstract class
  • Function overriding
  • Function overloading
  • Properties of Object
  1. Cookies
    • Syntax of Cookies
    • Creating Cookies
    • Retrieving Fresh Cookies
    • Destroying Cookies
    • Destroying Session
  2. Session
    • Syntax of Session
    • Creating Session
    • Retrieving Fresh Cookies
    • Destroying Session
  1. Setting Web pages to communicate with PHP
  2. Handling Text Field
  3. Text Area
  4. Check box
  5. Password
  6. Password
  7. Radio
  8. List
  1. What is regular expression?
  2. Pattern matching in PHP
  3. Replacing text
  4. Splitting a string with a regular expression
  1. Basics of computer Graphics
  2. Creating Image
  3. Manipulating Image
  4. Using text in Image
  1. API
  2. URL
  3. URL Rewriting
  4. GD Libraries
  5. PHP and XML
  1. What is Socket Programming?
  2. How to use Socket in PHP
  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Conditional Constructs in JavaScript
  3. Looping statement in JavaScript
  4. Working with Predefined functions
  5. Maintaining Validations in JavaScript
  6. Working with Different types of Mouse Events
  7. Miscellaneous
  1. AJAX motivation
  2. The basic Ajax process
  3. Using dynamic Content and JSP and Servlets
  4. Sending GET and POST data
  5. Displaying HTML Results
  6. Parsing and displaying XML results
  7. Toolkit
  1. Need and purpose of jQuery
  2. Downloading and using jQuery
  3. Manipulating HTML CSS, Attribute, Type and ID selector using jQuery Accessing and manipulating
  4. Accessing and manipulating
  5. Using jQuery plugins in HTML pages
  6. Using jQuery sliders and photo gallaries
  7. What is a JASON?
  8. How is a JASOn created using PHP?
  1. FTP Site Up / Downloading
  2. WHM (Web Hosting Manager)