TCF/TCFQ Course in Chandigarh

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TCF/ TCFQ Course in Chandigarh

The Test de connaissance du français (TCF) is a language placement test for non-native speakers of French. It is administered by the Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) for the French Ministry of Education. It fulfils French language entry requirements, can be used to demonstrate language ability for job applications or for personal use, and is used by Québec for immigration procedures. The test is made up of compulsory and optional sections. The reading, listening and language structures sections are mandatory while the writing and speaking sections are optional.

Learning French: Some A1, A2 Level.

These levels recognises basic knowledge. It is the most basic level at which a language is used, called the “discovery” stage. At this stage, the learner can interact in a simple way: he/she can speak about him/herself and his/her immediate environment.

  • Talk/Write about yourself (age, nationality, studies, hobbies, etc.)
  • Talk/Write about your family
  • Talk/Write about your daily routine
  • Talk/Write your physical appearance
  • Parts of the body and talking about your health, sickness to a doctor
  • Ask and give directions
  • How to buy things
  • Clothes and Fashion
  • And many other things…. which will help you in clearing CSQ Interview, DELF – A1,A2, TEF, TCF, etc.

Learning French: Some B1 Level.

At this level, the user becomes independent. He/she can maintain interaction: he/she can understand and maintain a discussion and give his/her opinion. He/she is capable of dealing with situations likely to arise in daily life.

  • Talk/Write about your past and future
  • Talk/Write about a journey you have taken
  • Describe an incident in your life
  • Talk/Write about your dreams and your projects
  • And many other things…. which will help you in clearing CSQ Interview, DELF – B1, TEF, TCF, etc.

Learning French: Some B2

A B2 user has a degree of independence that allows him/her to construct arguments to defend his/her opinion, explain his/her viewpoint and negotiate. At this level, the candidate has a degree of fluency and spontaneity in regular interactions and is capable of correcting his/her own mistakes.

  • Debate on various topics
  • Giving and justifying your opinion
  • Technicalities of your work
  • Films and songs
  • And many other things…. which will help you in clearing CSQ Interview, DELF – B2, TEF, TCF, etc.

The speaking part will now last 12 minutes and be composed of 3 tasks only :

Task 1: 2 minutes.

Individual interview: The examiner asks questions in relation to the candidate’s identity, hobbies, family, etc.

Task 2: 3 minutes 30 seconds + 2 minutes of preparation.

Interaction: The candidate shows his/her capacity to interact and gain information in an everyday life situation. For example : Ask someone to take care of your cat during your holidays. The candidate is allowed to take brief notes during the preparation time.

Task 3: 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Expression of a point of view: The candidate expresses his/her opinion about a topic selected by the examiner. For example : If you were involved in a charity action, which one would you like ? Explain why.

The TCF/TCFQ are valid for 2 years from the date of taking the test.