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Everyone wants to improve upon the Spoken English skills nowadays as it has become a necessity. Search for an institute that can provide excellent training in Spoken English has become a tough job. Students who desire to study abroad or settle there cannot ignore the fact that Spoken English skills are the backbone of studying abroad.

As India is the fastest growing economy in the world, leading companies of developed and developing nations are keen on having close network with emerging Indian companies. Having conditions to meet the world standard, many of the Indian companies are forced to hire candidates with impeccable language ability.

To be successful you must possess good communication skill in English. If you lack spoken English skills then your chances of working or studying in a foreign land becomes dim and you in spite of having a good experience would lose the opportunity.

We, at Language Academy, provide you with the best teaching methodology under the guidance of experienced and dedicated staff. Our courses are specifically designed for school students, college students, job aspirants, professionals, those appearing in international exams, housewives and all those for whom speaking good English is important.

Overcome your fear of Speaking English fluently with four simple and effective tips:

  1. Think in English: When you are not in the habit of conversing in English, your mind takes time to process new words and translate them into a sentence. We think the sentence in our mother tongue before we speak it in English, and as we struggle to formulate a sentence in English, we try to literally translate each word or sentence in English.
  1. Don’t aim for perfection: Your desire for speaking English perfectly may be holding you back; as they say, the only thing holding you back is just ‘You.’ It is important for you to realize that your mistakes help your learning process, you learn from your mistakes. The sooner you start talking in English, the sooner you will reach a fluent English speaker level.
  1. Call customer care: Prepare a topic on any product and make a call to a customer care, explain your problem relating to that particular product in English. The reason behind this is that the other person on the call does not know who you are, so it is an opportunity for you to gain confidence as you don’t have the fear of being judged by someone.
  1. Writing Journal: Whatever thoughts come to your mind just jot them down on a piece of paper, without paying attention to any grammatical errors that you might be making. Practise this often as you can, until it, gradually it becomes your habit, and ultimately helps you in improving your English language skills; this will help you feel confident while speaking in English.